The 100 Circuit Workout

I’m going to make this post just that –  short and sweet sweaty. I am going to be out of town visiting family next week (unfortunately, Kyle won’t be able to come along), and today is going to be dedicated to getting in some quality Kyle time. Soo, I’m not spending too much time with the blog today!

I wanted to get you caught up on my workouts from the last couple of days, which haven’t made it up on Slim Sanity yet.


I did an at-home circuit workout to get warmed up before my strength workout. I called it the 100 Cardio Circuit.

Here are links to some of the moves:
Mountain Climbers
Double leg side hops
Speed skater
Switch kicks
180 Switch squats

I jogged over to the gym for a shoulders and biceps workout that had me sweating!

I also threw in some random squats at the end to keep my heart rate up and hit the 500 calorie mark.

I intended to do a little core work, but my abs were still sore from Tuesday’s kick-butt ab circuit!


Yesterday I couldn’t get my usual morning workout in because I had an early appointment, but I managed to squeeze one in before getting ready for our Olympic watch party. I didn’t get in as much cardio as I wanted, so I’ll try to get a 30-40 minute run in this weekend.

I added in a couple of lat pulls to work my back too.

This was the first time I had done a front barbell squat. I think I might be doing those more often! They had me working!


And there we have it! Hopefully I’ll have a new recipe (or two) or you guys tomorrow.

What fun plans to you all have this weekend?!

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