Shakeology Review – My Thoughts and Results

Shakeology Review – My Thoughts and Results

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You’ve probably seen me post about Shakeology from time to time. This mint chocolate protein shake and chocolate ice cream – both were made with Shakeology nutrition shakes! It is the shake of choice for my health coaching challenge groups.

I say nutrition shake, because Shakeology isn’t just a protein powder. It’s made with superfoods, and packed full of all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals you need. More about that later…

For now, you can delve into my latest video with my Shakeology review to learn more. I’ve been drinking Shakeology for about five months now. The major takeaway of this drink for me? I haven’t been sick once since I’ve been drinking Shakeology. And I always, for my entire life, have been sick over the fall/winter season. Even though it’s only the end of February (pretty much the end of winter in Dallas), I’m pretty confident I won’t get sick moving in to spring!

The takeaways?

  • Best tasting protein powder I have ever had
  • Blend into delicious, creamy shakes without much added
  • Shakeology has major benefits – for me, it’s kept me from getting sick. I can tell it’s doing great things for my body, because my hair and nails feel healthier, too!
  • You can get all your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for the day – along with a source of protein
  • You can purchase a challenge pack to try Shakeology at a super discounted price – you basically get either the Shakeology or workout program for free
  • I always recommend Shakeology to my health coaching clients. But I realize that it’s not something everyone can purchase right off the bat. It’ll take some planning, maybe some budgeting, to figure it out – but if you CAN start drinking it, I 100% recommend it!

Have you tried Shakeology? What do you think?

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