Seeing Progress Isn’t Always Easy

Seeing Progress Isn’t Always Easy

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I was getting advice the other day from a friend about my career conundrum. You know, the issue I won’t bring up to you again until I make a clear cut decision.

I was talking about some advancements I’m trying to make with the blog – and one of them being my new camera. With the little time I’ve spent with it, I feel I’ve made some huge improvements in my own food photography. Though I still have a long road to travel before reaching expertise, I am certainly traveling down the right path.

Food Photography Progress

I brought up a photography post I read on iHeart Organizing. (If you haven’t ever checked out Jen’s blog, you should. It is full of great organization and decor ideas. I’m in love with it.)

FIVE YEARS. That is a freaking long time to be blogging. In the post, she showed pictures of what her house looked like before she started her blog – what it looked like in the beginning stages, and what her photography had looked like back then.

It was UNBELIEVEABLE how much progress and amazing change she (or they, as a family) have made on their home.

After bringing this up, my friend said (something along the lines of)

‘Yea, it can be really hard to see someone’s back story sometimes once they have gotten to where you want to be.’

This is

And it’s not only relevant to a blogging or food photography story. This is relevant to anything.

People don’t ever get where they are, or where you want to be, with the flip of a switch. It takes time, mistakes, money, and a lot of hard work. And most people start from scratch just like you might have to do.

Weight loss, being healthier, paying off debt, starting a new career, or learning a new skill. What we really need to be focusing on is our own progress, and taking steps in the right direction to get there.

It can be easy to become all woe-is-me if we take a look at where we are without looking back to where we’ve come from. Or knowing that you are actively checking tasks off your list to get where you want to be.

Keep counting your tiny victories, no matter how small, and eventually they will add up to something incredibly great. It’s not just about looking back and how far you’re come, or ahead at how far you have to go. You need to look all around you to see your real achievements – and your real greatness.

Considering this, I can take a look at my current situation and realize that I have made so much progress and put in so much hard work over the last several years. With all my education, research experience, writing and blogging background – I can apply it all to where I want to go. The work is THERE – I just need to give it the right direction.

PhD graduation

I think another, and more important question we need to ask ourselves while evaluating our path of progress is, ‘Do you feel fulfilled?’

Most people don’t realize what actually fulfills them until a bit later on in life. For some (ahem, moi) that might mean you went to school for a long time for the wrong thing. Or, maybe not necessarily the wrong thing – you just took a curvy trail instead of the straight path.

So, don’t be blinded by negativity or distance from your goals. Keep your head on straight, stay happy, and find a way to get there.

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