Sculpted Shoulder and Bicep Workout

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Triceps used to be my favorite muscle group to work. I’m pretty satisfied with how they’ve been coming along, and I think it’s time that my attention turns to another upper body group. Lately, I’ve been loving to lift shoulders!

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there are a million ways to work the shoulder. It’s such a key muscle group in most functional moves. My trusty dumbbells never let me down, though! Especially when you can create a killer shoulder and bicep workout.

Sculpted shoulder and bicep workout |

The weight I’ve been using for this workout is 13 pounds. I can press 15 pound dumbbells, but I can do 10 reps with 13. The 13 pounds is super tough though for any of the shoulder raises!

Here are the moves, all use dumbbells:

What is your favorite muscle group to work?

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