Rock ‘n Roll Challenge

So, I’m running the Friends of Katy Trail 5K in May. It’s my first race ever…I think a 5K is a decent place to start. My only goal is to run the whole thing. I’ve never been a runner, but after doing a little training for this 5K, I’ve decided to start challenging myself in running. One of my best friends wants me to run the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon with her in Dallas next March. Whoa!! It’s kinda crazy to think about…but kind of exciting at the same time!

So, as an attempt to try and feel out long distance running a little longer before I make a decision on the half marathon, we have decided to participate in one of the Rock ‘n Roll Challenges. You can choose to:

  • Run a half marathon in 2 weeks
  • Run a full marathon in 1 month
  • Run 50 miles in 1 month
Well, I’m going all out, and going to challenge myself to run 50 miles in 1 month! This will most definitely be a first, and enormous, challenge for me. Who knows…maybe I will love it and complete all three! Completing one challenge will get you a discount on your entry fee to the Rock ‘n Roll (Half) Marathon next year, which I might be completing in March!
So, since I’m going to take on this challenge and run my little heart out, I encourage you to do the same! 

Who doesn’t love a little challenge, anyway? You can learn more and sign up here!
Who’s with me?
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