What A Relationship Is Really About

What A Relationship Is Really About

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I came across a link that I saved a while ago from Mind Body Green. It talked about how important YOU are in keeping a relationship alive.

The One Thing All Relationships Need To Succeed via Mind Body Green

The overall message in this article was to be true to yourself. “Know who you really are.”

In lieu of one of the most commercialized holidays coming up (Valentine’s Day), I think it’s just as good a time as any to share the article with you all.

Relationships AREN’T about flowers and chocolate and a fancy dinner reservation. Although all those things are nice from time to time, material things are much less important than a meaningful, less expensive, gesture. I could write another post about how silly I think it is when people get upset over Valentine’s Day. If you need a holiday in order for you and your significant other to show how much you love each other, there is probably something seriously wrong. And don’t be mopey on Valentine’s Day if you are single. Own it, because you’re awesome. (And if you don’t know that, learn it now!)

This article was a great read, and something we all should remember. When Kyle and I first started dating, I was not as confident in myself as I am now. Insecurities can lead you to pick fights over something that can be talked about rationally.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t talk about things that bother you.

That brings me to my number one rule and why I believe Kyle and I have grown to be as strong of a couple as we have. That is COMMUNICATION.

Communication is not something I have always been good at, but it is a number one, ultimate rule. Good communication is talking and listening to each sides of an issue. Not a screaming or crying meltdown when you finally ‘can’t take it’ anymore

Good communication is necessary to keep YOU happy in a relationship, but you do also need to know yourself, and know what you want in life. Knowing your self worth, as discussed in the above article, is so important. I don’t think its a coincidence that once I started becoming better at these things, that Kyle popped the question.

Now all that being said… I realize that I am NOT married YET. There are plenty of milestones in a relationship we have not yet hit, and will work out when we get there.

I know I am young, but I’m not naive. Relationships aren’t always easy. But that’s why it’s so great when you have a good one.

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