Could This Be the Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight?

Could This Be the Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight?

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You’re following a workout plan. You workout 5 to 6 days a week.

You also have a meal plan that you follow…close to 80/20. Maybe sometimes 90/10. Maybe sometimes 70/30…

But maybe, you aren’t really following it as closely as you think.

This could be the reason you aren’t seeing any changes.

I realize this video probably comes at a RIDICULOUS time, seeing as how we leave for our honeymoon in 4 days, and I will likely be enjoying food that I love – but not over-enjoying and overeating, never overeating! I am fully prepared to deal with the consequenses that come with an all-inclusive resort, and will be back on track 100% when we get back home! 🙂

Do you really track every.single.thing you eat and drink?

I KNOW that I slack on the weekends. Sometimes I need a mental break from it. And hey – sometimes that’s okay! Our bodies can totally bounce back from a day where we really overindulged.

But the thing is – we can’t be doing it for 2, 3, 4…plus days in a row. That is when we stop seeing changes. And that is when the number on the scale goes up. Eeeek.

I totally get that it’s hard, especially during the holiday season, not to overindulge when we have multiple parties multiple weekends in a row.

Just try to REALLY stick to that 80/20. And ask yourself a couple of questions.

Did I get my workout done today? Did I really have a legit reason if I didn’t?
Am I drinking enough water?
Did I at least eat enough protein and veggies for breakfast and lunch?
Do I really want that cookie? 😉

I DO NOT believe in restriction. But if we say ‘moderation’ – we need to mean it.

We have to hold ourselves accountable if we want to see changes to get more defined muscles or lose weight. Or both!

Like I said in the video, I have maintained by being great during the week, but overindulging on the weekends for a long time. Like, over a year! But I’d like to lean out a little bit more, so I need to make better choices overall. I’ll probably still have adult beverages, but I’m going to chose to eat something healthy while I do, opposed to something that is full of empty calories and won’t actually fill me up.

Are you mindful of what you consume on the weekends? Is it hard for you to keep your overindulgence in check?

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