‘race pacing’ treadmill workout

Yesterday, I made it to the gym for the first time in…. probably about two months. I can’t really remember the last time I was there. I think it was for this upper body workout. And a workout on the treadmill has been even longer. That’s not to say I haven’t been working out, I think you have all seen enough evidence of that! (#proof #sweatpink) But I’ve been running outdoors and lifting weights at home. Today’s gym appearance was spurred by the fact I had been sick recently and didn’t want to run outside in the cold yet. It was only 55 degrees, but that’s still a bit brisk. I really wasn’t feeling a treadmill workout after all of my liberating free outdoor runs lately….but I did it anyways.

I put together this workout for a specific reason. I figured if I am going to be running on the treadmill again (since the cold mornings are not going away any time soon), I should start trying to work on learning my paces. Right now, when I run I have really no idea how fast my mile is going to be. That may sound strange. Maybe I don’t pay enough attention? Who knows. The only thing I notice is sometimes I get winded more easily than other days. I also need to work a bit on keeping good form. With the treadmill keeping a pace for me, I was able to double check my form in the mirrors around the gym. (That sounds strange too, but I think it helped me to notice what I may be doing wrong.)
I ran 5 minute intervals at a speed of 6.4 mph, which is about 9:20 minute miles. I anticipate that this is faster than what my race pace might be for the half this March, but it’s a pace I’m striving for in my future distance runs. I switched up the speeds for a little bit of HIIT, and honestly had to go down to speed 4 because my lungs were going to bust. It was a pretty tough workout, but I think it’s one I should probably try to keep doing every once in a while!
I followed up the treadmill workout with a long stretch session and an ab circuit with some exercises I don’t normally do.
All the new moves I did were on the exercise ball. The hardest one was the jackknife, hence the reason I could only do 10 of them!

source: iFitness iPhone app
Crunches on Ball

source: iFitness iPhone app
Exercise Ball Leg Lifts
Starting with the ball between your feet on the floor, lift ball to position in picture below


Ok…time to go run off for a productive day! I hope it flies by, because tonight is date night, which is always bound to be fun. 🙂
Do you ever do ab moves with the exercise ball? Which is your favorite?

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