Put Your Blog Footer To Use

Put Your Blog Footer To Use

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Okay y’all. It’s time for a new design project for Slim Sanity.

Don’t worry, not another whole site re-design. This time I’m focusing on one problem area – my blog footer!

put your blog footer to use

Blogging hasn’t been a super high priority on my to-do list, so this is a project I’ve saved for that ‘want to get done sometime‘ category.

When I was over at Blogger, I remember I made pretty good use of my footer. My first few templates on WordPress didn’t have any custom redesign, so it all pretty much got lost.

Now I’ve gotta decide what to put back in it. A good looking footer can get visitors to keep clicking around your website and help you make connections with people who have similar interests.

Things you could include in your blog footer:

  • Blog archives – People who are new to your blog might want to see what they’ve missed
  • Social media links – Great for networking with readers and businesses
  • Post categories – Looking for more snack recipes or circuit workouts? This is what you’d need!
  • Additional menu to match menu bar on top – keeps readers attention without scrolling all the way back up
  • About the author – I’m always curious about who is writing content I like
  • Instagram widget – This seems pretty popular! Everyone loves pictures.
  • Links to e-books – Promote your stuff!
  • Highlight a popular post – A post that you know is popular for one reason or another is great to highlight, chances are if your readers are on your site for a similar post, they’ll want to read it.
  • Recent posts – Readers can see what’s new

You can really put anything you want in your footer!

Here are some snapshots of blog footers I like that I’ll use for ideas to design the footer on Slim Sanity. They are all a little different, some more simple than others. All are informative for readers!

Pinch of Yum

pinch of yum

PB Fingers



buffer resized

Ministry of Type – I don’t know why, I love this one!

the ministry of type

The SITS Girls

the sits girls

I found this last one on a footer post on Social Fresh. The Social Mouths blog changed their footer it looks like, but I like the one in this picture.

social mouths via social fresh

Do you put your blog’s footer to use?

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