Plie Leg Circuit

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One of my favorite lower body exercises is the plie squat. It’s a little bit of an awkward exercise at first, in my opinion. But now that I’m past that, they are added into most of my lower body strength circuits! I did a circuit last week with 200 reps of plie squats.

I added the plie squats with some other exercises that also target the inner thighs and glutes. One of the reasons I like these more than regular squats is because it’s a lot easier to add weight with dumbbells. Most regular squats I do now are with a barbell, but when I work out at home, dumbbells are my only option. I used a dumbbell for a couple rounds of plies, but my legs were tired after a while and I went with just my body weight instead.

plie leg circuit

Need to know these moves? Check them out below:
Plie Squat (dumbbell optional)
Donkey kicks
Side lateral raises (I typically bring my leg out in front of my, opposed to lifting my leg above my other leg)
Inner leg lifts
Fire hydrants

Fitness tip: For an extra workout, try the leg raises with resistance bands!

While I was writing this post I stumbled upon a new blog, and a post talking about how adductor/abductor machines don’t do much for women compared to what squats and using your own body weight can do. I personally don’t use those machines, but don’t have anything against them.

Do machines work for you? Or do you typically go with body weight moves opposed to machines?

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