Plank A Day

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Kyle’s crock pot chicken last night turned into a kind of chicken cacciatore. He made a tomato base sauce with some of the vodka sauce he cooked the chicken in the crock pot with. He cooked up some bell pepper in the sauce, then sliced up some of the crock pot chicken and onion to add to the sauce as well. The chicken cacciatore was served on a bed of linguine.

Oh yea, we sprinkled a little Parmesan on there too, because that goes well with anything! I thought it was a pretty good dish, but Kyle said he will think of some improvements for the next time around. (And hopefully next time I’ll be around to catch everything he throws into the recipe!)

It was a typical Monday morning, and indecisive me couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for a workout today. Do I go on a run? Insanity DVD? Drop 10 Diet? In the end, I decided I’ll just go to the gym, hop on a piece of cardio equipment, and figure out what I’ll do from there. I ended up putting together a legs and core workout to do after I finished my 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Since I didn’t fit in the Drop 10 Diet workout this morning, I wanted to incorporate one of the tougher moves for me, the Total Transformer.

source Self Magazine

This move is getting easier for me, but it’s still tough! Low plank oblique is another move I like, which I adopted into my workouts from Insanity. Here, you start in low plank, then move one leg up to the side of your ribs, flexing your obliques (it’s kinda hard not┬áto flex when you are in plank though, in my opinion!), then repeat the move on the other side.


For my strength workout this morning, I did two sets of the circuit, then did a third set with only the leg moves. I’ve seen chatter from FitFluential folks on twitter about adding one mile on top of your workout every day, and building up your core by fitting in a plank a day. I’m a big fan of the plank for a core exercise…I’d say I fulfilled my ‘plank-a-day’ today. I was happy with my fitness start to the week!

Since I’ve gone a little overboard on carbs this weekend, I went for two overhard eggs and turkey bacon instead of the egg sandwich that has been my go-to lately.

Eggs smothered in salsa, it’s a definitely rival of the egg sandwich!

Alright, now it’s time to be super productive and bust out the rest of my presentation for class tomorrow. After tomorrow I’ll be mentally checked out of class (sorry prof), and officially complete my LAST class on Thursday. Full-time research, here I come!

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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