Paleo Weekly Meal Plan: August 30—September 5

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan: August 30—September 5

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So I realized something spectacular today.

I work 4-day weeks the entire month of September. Eeeee!!!

My company is awesome and does well for employee work/life balance with amazing vacation benefits. We have Friday and Monday off for Labor Day weekend, so that counts for the first two weeks. Then I get to take an extra day off for my birthday (everyone gets a birthday holiday). And the last week we have our quarterly Game Day, where the office shuts down and we all participate in an activity of some sort. This quarter we’re going to the Texas State Fair! I haven’t been since I moved here. Pretty pumped.

So the main takeaway from all that? My birthday month is going to be fantastic! 🙂

Oooh I also got my new camera lens in yesterday. I’m excited to take some drool-worthy food pis for y’all over my 4-day weekend coming up! But for now, we meal plan.




What I Prepped Yesterday/Will Prep Today

  • Applesauce for burgers
  • Chop carrots
  • Peanut butter
  • Thaw out all meat
  • Quinoa – good to have around for extra carbs
  • Bacon
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Wash and chop fruit and veggies
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