Painting A New House, Creating a New Life

Painting A New House, Creating a New Life

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‘New life’ might be overkill. But as reference to a career, I say it’s debatable.

I never knew the phrase ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ could ever apply to a job. For so long I’ve envied those who ‘live the dream,’ enamored with what they do on a daily basis. As you may know, for a long time I did not.

In case you didn’t know, I got a new job. IN MARKETING. Can you believe it? Sayonara research and hello a whole new world! #Aladdin I’m still in a state of shock at how amazing this opportunity is for me – and how it feels to really know what I’m gonna do when I grow up. (Finally.) I am now a valued member of a young, fun and growing marketing and branding agency. Even though it’s only been two weeks, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown – and I love it!

I’m in a project coordination role, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing all the different things I’ll get to do within the agency – even in just two weeks. It’s an entry-level type position, but I think it’s the best place I could have landed. The culture and attitude is a breath of fresh air. I feel like a brand new me. It’s exhilarating.

This new venture has caused me to step away from other responsibilities I’ve shouldered the last several months. Coaching is on hold, and tutoring is at a minimum. I still fully intend on blogging, but my weeks are now focused on work and life at home. Life at home will always trump any other extracurricular. Public transportation is now my saving grace in the war against traffic, so that allows me to catch up on minor bloggy things during the week while I’m riding the train, but most of my content is crafted on the weekends. I’ll be keeping my current schedule the best I can. I’ve found a balance to keep me happy with my hobbies instead of being overwhelmed. Isn’t that the whole point of a hobby, anyway?

Life is good. Simple as that. It took me a while to weed through my endless list of career paths, wishes and opportunities. I know in my gut that I’ve finely found a road I can travel on for good.

So today, let’s high five to great jobs. And to new kitchens.

We hired painters a couple weeks ago.

While our kitchen is not renovated, it sure as hell feels new! We got a makeover to the entire kitchen – along with all of our doors, ceilings and cabinets in the whole house. OH.em.GEE iloveitiloveitiloveit! The house feels cleaner and put together now.

I think photos are better than words, so here ya go. I don’t have them all here, because we still have some decorating to do. But I’ll keep you posted as we go!

[EDITORS NOTE: Let’s go back to the whole crafting blog content on the weekend thing. I wrote this post on the way home yesterday, and realized there was no longer good enough natural light to get quality kitchen pictures. So instead, I’ll post those this weekend. For now, you get the completed living room and a sneak peak of the dining room!]

Living room progress

I am super excited about how this dining room ceiling came out…we decided to go out of the box and paint it blue! I love it. We need to paint the walls white, and decorate the hutch. Then more pictures to come!

Dining room blue ceiling

I hesitate to say ‘that’s all that’s new right now,’ because I feel like it’s actually a LOT. And our wedding anniversary is in just over a month. We’re entering a good era, my friends.

Until next time!

Wishing you love and health,

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