How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

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how to optimize your pinterest profile to get more readers

Social media is a wonderful tool for bloggers. I spend my own personal time on Pinterest. I also get a lot of visitors directed to my blog from Pinterest. I know I’m not alone in this!

Have you ever heard of Pinch of Yum? It is an amazing food blog, and every month they show an income and traffic report for their blog. Pretty cool, huh? Well, in September’s edition they discussed how much traffic they get from Pinterest. At 40%, nearly half of their visitors come from Pinterest.

I would say that keeping a nice Pinterest profile page is probably a worthwhile endeavor. By making your profile look attractive and clean, you’re more likely to get people to want to follow you and see what you have to offer.

I’ve spent some time over the last couple weeks making my Pinterest profile a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

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1. I updated my picture. I read an article about keeping updated headshots, and it makes sense. Say you go to a conference, or want to start branding your blog in a particular way, you want people to recognize you. The picture I changed is my standard one on Twitter and on my blog right now, and it’s fairly recent. It’s also a much clearer image than the one I had previously, which went through a Instagram filter or two. It would probably do me good to sit down and have a more professional looking one taken at some point.

2. I personalized my name. When I first changed my Pinterest profile to represent Slim Sanity, I changed the name to just Slim Sanity. I felt adding my name to it was a little more personal, and helps people to recognize me.

3. Add some specific keywords to your description, such as things you generally pin. Pinterest has changed the way we can search for pins with their new interests function. So, keywords are more important now! This can help people find your profile while searching interests.

4. I rearranged and renamed my boards, then organized my pins. People likely follow your blog because they can count on getting certain content from you. I think it’s makes sense for the top row of your boards to be representative of your blog content. For me, this would be recipes, fitness/health tips, and blogging tips.

Once I had my boards titled and arranged the way I wanted, I went through and organized the pins to the appropriate boards. For example, I broke down my previous ‘Food’ board into three categories: Entrees and Sides, Snacks, and Breakfast/Brunch (I seemed to have a lot of those!)

You can also put relevant boards for the season on top. For example, I have a ‘Healthy Football Snacks’ board on my front row right now!

5. Make sure your board is displaying something pretty. Not all the links you want to save on Pinterest have gorgeous photos. If you hover over your board, you are able to change your cover photo. Why not make it look nice while we’re doing all this organizing?

6. Add your other social media profiles. Since Pinterest is a great source for people to find you, may as well display what you can in your profile. It allows your to add Twitter and Google +, but only your personal Facebook profile. I don’t share this, only my Facebook page for the blog. (I actually realized my personal FB was connected, not my page, as I was writing this and deleted it!) You can add these by clicking your name in the top right and going into Settings.

7. Verify your blog with Pinterest. Here is a tutorial to verify your blog or website on Pinterest. Doing this allows you to use the Analytics functions, which is pretty cool! Code It Pretty has a great post on what you can do with the Analytics.

There’s so much more you can do with Pinterest, but we’ll save that for another day!

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