One Rule For A Guilt-Free Holiday

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Like I said yesterday, we don’t do lightened versions of our favorite Thanksgiving food. Most of what we make is considered ‘clean’ and made from scratch with a few exceptions.

Even though I will enjoy my share of unclean dishes, I’ll do so guilt-free. By following one simple rule.

It’s no secret I love food. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I know that I will want second helpings, so I wait for them. I’ll take normal portions in my first round, and have another plate of normal portions later on when I’m hungry again.

I also usually like to try all the desserts. This year I think we’re having four different pies so I don’t know if that will be the case again, haha. I’ll cut smaller than normal pieces and still get to try them all, maybe an hour or so after the first meal.

So… this seems pretty normal, right?
There are no tricks, gimmicks, or pills.
But for some people this guilt-free eating isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I’ve mentioned before the aftermath I encountered when trying to recover from my low calorie diets several years back. Food has, for a long time, been an obsession for me. On the days I would allow myself to eat ‘bad’ food, I would eat to a ridiculous point of uncomfortability. BUT I find I feel much better eating a regular holiday meal, and can be guilt-free when I follow one, simple rule. Drop the fork when I’m full.

Over-eating can and used to bring me real, actual guilt. Not just the uncomfortable full stomach. I would feel like a bad person. I have worked hard to break the obsession with food and the feelings that come with being too full. I now not only enjoy the holiday, but the day after the holiday as well.

I am now completely okay going into holidays where we celebrate with food. My normal diet is healthy in general, and ‘cheat’ days go by without a problem. There are some families who celebrate this way, and some who don’t. I believe each way is great. This is just what we do.

This year…
I will drink.
I will play card games and watch football.
Maybe I’ll workout, maybe I won’t.
I will eat good food and pie.
But I will stop eating when I’m full.
And regardless, I will be guilt-free.

Don’t ever beat yourself up (so to speak) after the holiday for enjoying yourself however you want celebrate it. Just do the best you can to not over-do it. Balance is key, as I like to preach.

Let’s forget about the guilt-free holiday. Let’s just forever be guilt-free. Sound good?

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