New Fonts For Your Blog

New Fonts For Your Blog

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Fonts are an important aspect to blog design. Not only can they make your blog unique from other blogs using a similar template, but it’s important to have fonts that people can easily read.

I love to use fun new fonts in graphics from time to time, but I like to use cleaner, easier to read fonts for pages and side bar graphics in my template. Having some uniformity in your fonts is good too. For example, you might want all title and header fonts to be the same to make your blog look more complete and professional.

On occasion I stroll through free don’t websites to get new fonts for graphics on the blog. This is a round up of 10 cleaner fonts that I loved for use in recipes, workouts, and side bar graphics!

You can find all these as free downloads on You might notice that I used the Revo Pop font in my new header, and as a signature watermark on all pictures I post.

Once you have the files downloaded, use this tutorial to install your new fonts!

new fonts for your blog

Don’t want to install fonts?

You can use PicMonkey to design graphics. PicMonkey is a free online software for picture editing and design.

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