new abs exercises

Today seems like it’s flying by so far…hopefully the next 5.5 hours fly by too so I can be on my merry way home for the day! I’ve been in and out of the lab so far today, but I’m hoping in a couple hours I’ll have some time to get through a chapter or two of The Mazerunner.

Lunch today consisted of a tuna salad and lettuce wrap combo. The tuna salad had celery, black olive, green pepper, red onion, miracle whip, pepper, and dill mixed together. 
I had some cottage cheese and a yogurt with this too, but not shown in the picture. I also managed to sneak one of these guys too. I guess that will have to cure my peanut butter craving for now.
I’ve been looking at some new ab exercises to add to my routines lately. I had planned to get in an ab routine today, but since I ended up running at school, maybe I can fit one in when I get home.
Double Reverse Crunch
This is one I don’t think I’ve seen before. It looks like it should be pretty challenging.

Single Bridge

In this move, you hold the position shown in the picture below (both arms are straight up). You then make  small circles with the upward extended leg, switching directions after your desired reps.


Scissor Kick

A pretty common move I think, but just one I don’t often do. I more typically do lying down leg lifts (both legs together).
Physio Ball Slaps

This is an exercise that will tone abs and strengthen inner thighs. I saw this on Pinterest in a youtube video pinned by FitFluential. Check it out: Best Ab and Inner Thigh Exercise
I don’t own an exercise ball, so this will have to be one I need to do at the gym. But that ain’t no thang. 
Ok. Back to work!
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