Move It Monday: Two Steps Forward Treadmill Workout

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Good morning and happy Monday, folks! I have a new treadmill workout for you today. This workout is one of my new favorites for the treadmill. I find it really difficult to put ‘favorite’ and ‘treadmill’ into the same sentence, but it looks like I just did it…

Do you like to run on the treadmill? I don’t. I extremely dislike it. I am amazed by the people who can run 10 plus miles on them. I can’t physically get myself to do more than three. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that the treadmill makes me run slower than I can outdoors. It’s craziness, I’m telling you. Death trap. The dreadmill.

On days when it’s a little cold, or super windy outside, I find myself in a real pickle when I want do get in a good, sweaty cardio sesh. You see, I like to call myself a runner, but I’m not a hard-core runner. I can pretty easily talk myself out of running on days like those. And then I remember workouts like these!

Playing around with the speeds and sometimes inclines on the treadmill can make the time you spend on it way less boring, and seem to go by a little more quickly. For me, running for a full minute at a speed of 8 is about the top of my comfort zone right now. Slowly, I’m sure I will make my way up to higher speeds, but this one still kicks my booty for now! The first 10 minutes came out to around 0.98 miles.

Want a longer workout? You could easily repeat this one for as long as you want. Or as long as the line at the gym lets ya. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the treadmill?

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