The 200 Core Circuit

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Happy Monday, folks! I hope you all had a great weekend like I did. It was super jam packed, which didn’t leave me with a whole lot of time to do my normal blog and food prep routine I do on Sundays. That’s alright though, because I swapped my early morning workout for a little sleeping in and getting to work earlier than usual. I plan to hit the gym later this afternoon for some strength training and probably some cardio.

The 5K I ran this weekend made me excited about running again. I always have a hard time pushing myself while training. I’m glad I ran a race this weekend to remind me the gratitude you get from challenging yourself in a race. I definitely pushed myself on Saturday, which led to a PR. For now, I think I might focus on shorter distances to get faster, and if another half marathon comes my way down the line, I’ll tackle that as it comes.

Since one of my new goals is to get faster, that means I need to focus on certain muscles to help me get there. I’m not talking leg muscle here… I need to focus on core muscles! I know my core is definitely weaker than I’d like it to be, and some how a hard core workout is something I’ve found myself neglecting in the last few months. Having a strong core can help you run faster. I’m pretty sure this will help with my running form too. And posture. And ability to do forearm stands. And possibly lessen my distaste for high knees in all the Insanity workouts.

So, why not move it today with this core circuit?

The 200 Core Circuit |

Check out the moves here:
Oblique Side Bends
Standing Leg Raises
High Plank with Leg Taps
Crunches on Ball
Ball lifts
V-up Sit-ups
Russian twist

What’s your workout of choice today?

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