Move It Monday: Summertime Legs Circuit

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Hope you all had a marvelous Monday! Did you catch what I did this weekend? If you missed it, find it here!  For now, lets switch gears to get us all motivated and moving today!

First we had the summertime arms circuit. Now its time for summertime legs! My booty and hamstrings were sore after this one! I used a set of 30 pound dumbbells for all of the weighted exercises. After this circuit, I did one round of the booty work circuit!

summertime legs circuit

Need to review the moves?
Frog jumps
Single leg hops
Stationary lunges
Squat to crossover
Single leg deadlifts
Plie squats (no dumbbells in this circuit)
Calf raises

Have a fabulously fit Monday, friends!

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