Move It Monday: Summertime Arms Circuit

Happy Monday, friends! I had a great, relaxing weekend. It seems like it’s been a while since I had any commitments on the weekend, and it was glorious! I did do a little working from home though, including cleaning up and organizing ideas for the blog. Today I will start a new series that I intend to keep going, which is Move It Monday! Instead of randomly posting my strength and cardio circuits I come up with for myself during the week, I’ll show one every Monday morning. Maybe it can start you all of with some fresh ideas for the week!

Now that summer is on its way, tank tops and swim suits are going to be musts. Especially here in Texas, where pool season may have already started! Upper body strength are my favorite workouts to do and put together. I’ll take it over cardio any day. Here’s my latest total upper body strength circuit for toning arms for the summer!

I completed this set using 10 pound dumbbells for more exercises. I used slightly more for hammer curls, chest press, and chest flies.

Not sure what some of these exercises are? See below!
Skull crushers
Dumbbell Chest Press
Deep Swimmers Press
Dumbbell Chest Flies

Today is another upper body circuit for me, along with 30 minutes of cardio.

How do you plan to move this Monday?

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