Move It Monday: Chest and Abs

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Everyone has their own fitness routine that works for them. Some Cross-fit (Or functional train? I don’t know all the politics there.)

Some run. Some run a lot. Some are super flexible yogis. (Kinda jealous. Wish I had that kind of concentration.) Some do it all.

And some people focus on different muscle groups each day. I generally fall into this category. I add some cardio in 3-5 days a week, depending on what my body dictates for me that week. Last week, I paired a long speed walk with a fabulous chest and abs session.

You all know by now that lifting upper body is my favorite type of workout. I could totally be the person walking around with twig legs and super ripped arms. I’d just have to get the super ripped arms first.  Abs are pretty great too. Until you’re doing your 300th rep and you feel a knife is twisting between your ribs. (I’m pretty sure I heard Jillian say that once.) For me, this circuit was more killer for chest/arms than abs. Hello push-ups!

I performed the chest flies and presses with dumbbells, weighing 8-13 pounds. The chest flies were the hardest for me, probably because I hadn’t done them in a while. I also did the decline push-ups on my counter top, so I was more at a 45 degree angle doing them. They still did the job though!

Want to know some of these moves?
Chest Fly with Leg Raises
Low Plank Oblique
One-Legged Push Up
Chest Press with Sit-up (I did bent legs for this, not straight)
High Plank Oblique Twist (or Knee Twist)
Reverse Grip Chest Press
Oblique Heel Taps

What’s your favorite form of fitness?

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