Move It Monday: Beat the Boredom Circuit

If you are having a case of the Monday’s, and a workout just isn’t sounding great today…then this workout is for you!

Circuits are my go-to when I want a quick and effective workout. When you are constantly moving on to another, different exercise, they tend to go by really fast. Sometimes when you aren’t in the mood to workout, repeating supersets or going for a run is too repetitive. I only repeated each circuit once for a 35 minute long workout. It didn’t seem that long at all when I went through it. You could repeat each circuit for an hour long sweat sesh. A great way to break the boredom of your morning workout routine!
**Note** Use a lightweight on all of the 2 minute exercises so that you can perform the move for the full duration. I used 5 pound dumbbells!
A few new exercises in the mix:
Screamers (I don’t jump at the end of each rep)
Jabs (no dumbbells)
Have a sweaty Monday, folks!

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