Mountain Climber Remix

Mountain Climber Remix

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Happy Monday, friends! Are you having a marvelous day so far?

My first challenge group is underway starting TODAY and I am so, so excited!

I’ve also started the second month of P90 – which I am really loving so far. In my first month’s review I mentioned the workouts were both about 28 minutes long. This second month, the workouts are 31 minutes long, which is still totally doable before I head off to work in the morning!

P90 has been slightly changing some familiar exercises. Tweaking them in a way to engage more muscles and get a more efficient workout.

So many of the exercises focus on building your core, which is super important. In fact, I’m going to add this exercise to my list of killer exercises that work your core – while burning calories! A normal sit-up might engage your core muscles, but you aren’t getting any type of cardio effect for that to burn calories and fat.

Check out the Mountain Climber Remix!

To perform this move:

  1. Start in a plank position, with hands on the ground shoulder, width apart. Remember to keep a flat back as best as possible.
  2. Alternate bringing your knees up to your chest, two times each.
  3. Then, bring your knee across your chest to the opposite shoulder, two times each. You should feel your obliques engaged!
  4. Alternate between bringing your knees to chest twice, and knees across chest twice, for one minute.

Add this move into your next HIIT workout!

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The LÄRABAR giveaway winner is Virginia Higgins (twitter @thatbaldchick)! Congratulations!

It’s a new month! Are you making any changes to your fitness routine this month?

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