Another pretty great weekends on the books for this girl! What better way to share it with you than MIMM?

The trip to Canton on Saturday was a ton of fun. The shopping there was so extensive. The place was way larger than I expected. Many of the shops were in large tents or warehouses, and some of them were separate little huts outside.
There was an assortment of clothing, handmade crafts, antiques, jewelry, and tons of other decorative items. It would be a great place to go if you were looking to re-decorate. It was not uncommon to see people pushing around carts with all their goods. We didn’t get too crazy, but we did have to make one trip back to the car so we weren’t carrying everything. Most of the shopping I did was for Christmas gifts so they won’t be published on the blog, but I did grab one thing for myself. A new purse!
It doesn’t exactly fall into the handmade or craft category like everything else I bought, but it was a really great deal. 🙂
There were a bunch of different types of food there, but the most popular item in our group was the corn dog. Good ol’ fashioned fair type food, there was a lot of it available.
awkward corn dog picture
I think this trip might become an annual one. Canton Trade Days were a great place to find unique Christmas gifts, since most of the items you won’t find at Target or Kohl’s! We managed to get one group picture right before heading back to Dallas.
Heather, myself, Corey, and Kacie
When we arrived back at Dallas, we stopped at E-bar for dinner and a couple drinks. I had never been here before, but Kacie had and she said their food was really good. She wasn’t lying! I had the brisket flautas, which I was a huge fan of.
They came with refried beans, rice, guacamole, and sour cream. I had them with a side of vodka water.
Our waiter was really great too. I would definitely go back! After dinner, we went to Kacie’s boyfriend Derek’s house to socialize and play some Catch Phrase. And have another beverage or two.
Sunday was pretty relaxing for the most part. We made a late breakfast of spinach & Feta egg wraps. They were so good yesterday, I had to make them again!
We caught up on some DVR before watching football, including the Packers vs. Vikings game. Although the first half didn’t look spectacular, the Pack won so I was happy! During halftime, we made a lunch of ‘healthified’ mac ‘n’ cheese.
I added peas and turkey sausage for some extra nutrition and color. It was yummy! 
Around 3:00 PM, Kyle and I both headed into work for a couple hours to knock some things off our to-do list for Monday. When we arrived back at home, we set out for a run. Kyle had a 30 minute easy jog on his training plan, and I had 4 miles on mine. We ended up with 3 miles of jogging, and 1 mile walking.
It was fun to run around the streets in our neighborhood, because our complex puts up all kinds of lights. Even though there is no snow and it was nearly 80 degrees, they still look pretty!
We were back in time for showers, dinner, and a little vegging before watching Homeland. I swear, that show never ceases to amaze me. Another turn last night that I didn’t really see coming…was a good one!
I slept in a little bit until 6:30 this morning. I got up and did a few chores, then made breakfast and queued up last night’s Dexter on the DVR. Another show that keeps you guessing! About halfway through the episode, I picked up my 8 pound dumbbells and did some upper body strength training. Nothing really too intense, since today is a ‘stretch & strengthen’/sort of rest day for me. Plus, I think I’m going to lay off really heavy lifting for a little while, because I don’t want my arms aching during any of my training runs.
I am currently at school, running in and out of the lab and stuffing my face with this delicious granola Heather gave me on Saturday. It was sent back with her from her trip home over Thanksgiving, and I am inquiring for the recipe. It is some seriously delicious stuff!
I need to put it away before I ruin my appetite for the rest of the day!
That’s about all I’ve got for you this morning! Hope you all have a marvelous day!

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