MIMM #16 some new things

Lots of marvelous things to talk about today. Let’s get to it! Busy day ahead for this girl.

The last trip to the grocery store, I picked up a bunch of new items. Some of them weren’t really ‘new,’ but different.
I strolled through the frozen veggie section, just to take a look and compare some prices. I’m wanting to switch up some of our typical dinner sides, so I grabbed some edamame and brussels sprouts. I have had both before, but never cooked them myself. I also picked up the unsweetened almond milk. Typically I buy the sweetened, but in light of trying to consume less sugar, I grabbed the unsweetened instead. I honestly didn’t taste much of a difference between the two, so the unsweetened will be my go-to from now on. No added sugar!
I also discovered that Great Value is making a Greek yogurt now. You all probably know how budget conscious I am, so Greek yogurt hasn’t been a typical purchase for me because it’s more expensive than the non-fat plain yogurt. Well, this GV Greek is priced nicely in the middle of the two! It’s so delicious. I forgot how much more I like Greek yogurt than regular, not mention the protein content is so much higher, less sugar too!
I got a decent amount of relaxing in this weekend too, mostly on Saturday. That came with a lot of Pinteresting time! I found this hair style that I really love. Well, more so for the color, but I like the style too. I’m debating going a little darker again… I would probably want to stick a little closer to my natural color, this is a little more auburn.
We got in a couple of good walks with the pup too. It’s still been a little wet outside here so didn’t take him to the dog park this weekend for fear of another puddle incident, but he got in some good runs around the apartment, so he was content! When he wasn’t on a walk, he spent the rest of the weekend napping or people watching.
There were also some good snacks to be had this weekend. I made myself a cheese, hummus, and cracker tray Saturday night.
And some guacamole for snacking yesterday
I also received some Healthy Bites in the mail from Lindsay. It was my first time ordering, and they were sooo good! I got some custom strawberry shortcake and mint chocolate chip cookie dough. These are going to be perfect snacks for the week as I’m trying to get back into working out after being sick.
We had a pretty productive day yesterday, running errands and getting things done around the apartment. That meant that we could treat ourselves to some Sunday night pizza.
And the good news today is that I’m feeling pretty good this morning! The best since I’ve started up my antibiotics. My meds are done on Wednesday night, so I’m on the home stretch. I even felt good enough for a workout this morning!
This workout wasn’t too high on intensity, but I definitely felt a burn. I used 8 pound dumbbells for all of the upper body moves. I took about 30 minutes or so to complete it. My training schedule has strength and stretching for a workout today, so this fit in well. Tomorrow is a 4 mile run… I’ll probably walk most of it, but I want to at least start putting the miles in.
I’m also starting to track my nutrition on MyFitnessPal again. I’m looking to get some more definitely in my arms and glutes, and I think today’s workout is going to be frequented throughout the rest of my training process. Feel free to friend me on MFP, search ‘slimsanity’!
That’s about all I’ve got! Hope you all have a marvelous start to your week!
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