Mid-Week Food Prep

Mid-Week Food Prep

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Kyle and I will typically do two food preps every week. One larger on the weekend, and one smaller during the week. The weekend includes grocery shopping, a large crock pot of shredded chicken, among several other things. The weekend is when I like to experiment with new recipes, too. The mid-week food prep is smaller, and usually just lunches.

This week is another busy one. We had just gotten back from a road trip to Indiana for a wedding late Sunday night. We didn’t have time to get anything done, since we got back at 11 PM. Since this week is busy again with more wedding festivities starting Thursday, we really only have a handful of meals we are eating at home this week.

So, our only food prep, which we completed Monday night, was more like our normal ‘mid-week’ food prep session.

I prepped three things: protein for lunch, a protein for dinner, and couscous as a side.

food prep

Since we prep food for two people, making lunches for both of us all week isn’t very ideal on Sunday. We run really low on Tupperware, plus its just a lot of food to make at one time on top of everything else. A lot of the time, we’d both also like something different after a few days.

Our typical lunch to prep is sauteed veggies with a protein and carb. A lunch like this will fill us up, and you can change the type of meat and carb you use for some variety. We’ll do salads for lunch sometimes, but don’t usually have those prepped far in advance. We will, however, have veggies and lettuce chopped and ready to throw together the morning of if needed.

lunch food prep

This week we made ground turkey with sauteed bell pepper and red onion on a bed of couscous. We found couscous on sale at Kroger the week before for super cheap, only $2.00/pound! We picked up two pounds of that, and two pounds of quinoa which was $2.39/pound.

The dinner protein prepconsisted of seasoning up some chicken, which we can toss into corn tortillas for tacos or on lettuce for salads for dinner. All I did for this was add some shredded chicken to a skillet to warm up, poured some salsa in, and mixed it. I added garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper to taste.

Food prep really doesn’t take that long, especially when you have two people doing it. Kyle likes to spend time cooking in the kitchen (and he likes to eat healthy) so the two of us can get food prep done no problem! It’s also a good chance for some disconnected quality time. 😉

Do you ‘mid-week’ food prep or get everything done on the weekends?

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