How to Make Sure I’ll Have a Good Day

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In the famous words of LMFAO…

I workout! (Because I’m sexy and I know it.)

Well, isn’t that just the easiest answer to today’s question, “How to make sure YOU’LL have a good day?”

You all know that I’m an early morning riser and a fan of morning workouts.

But do you really know WHY?

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On days that I workout, I not only feel more accomplished with my day, but I just plain old feel GOOD.

Really, I workout in the morning for TWO reasons.

I love starting off my day with that accomplished feeling. Knowing that I pushed myself to do a workout that might not have sounded that great when the 5 AM alarm sounded off.

Trust me, even people who workout in the morning like to sleep in once in a while!

But, also, because I know at the end of the day, I can relax. Knowing I can go home to do something else I enjoy gives me motivation to get through the day.

Maybe, for some of you, that release of stress at the end of the day is working out. But for me, it’s spending some quality time with Kyle and eating a good meal and doing whatever it is I FEEL like doing.

Which, as much as I love to workout, usually isn’t working out at the end of the day.

Although that’s not always the case. Sometimes I do feel like working out in the evening, or I end up having to push my workout because of a super early meeting. Then I put a fake smile on my face and get through it anyway.

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Although, we all do like to do an evening walk once in a while.


Working in the morning makes me happier all day long, too. It also usually makes me hungrier, and I’m okay with that! ‘Cause I like food.

Although it’s not always easy, I know that’s what helps me have a good day. Even if it’s a tough day at work (which we all have), it’s always better if I’ve had my workout in!

Coffee does a good job of that, too.

How do you make sure you’ll have a good day?

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