Living On A Budget: Having Fun

Living On A Budget: Having Fun

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Whether you are saving for a down payment on a house, to pay for a wedding, paying off student loan debt, or you just don’t make a lot in general, keeping yourself entertained can be one of the hardest things to do while staying within budget. At least for socialites like us, it is. Entertainment is one of the biggest areas to save. Hitting the town on the weekend isn’t a priority like affording groceries. Although, I suppose, there are some people who may beg to differ on that statement. We do get out occasionally, but make sure that we find other, cheaper ways for having fun!

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I’ll have a few suggestions throughout my list for those of you who live in Dallas!

Hanging with Friends

  • Find local festivals. This is an easy one when you live closer to a big city. In Dallas, there is always some kind of festival going on, especially when the weather is warmer. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s free to walk around and check it out.
    • Dallas friends: We’re planning to go to the North Texas Taco Festival this weekend. Yes, we’ll pay for a few tacos I’m sure, but I’m sure there will be a few freebies too!
    • Game nights. We do this one pretty frequently. Some of our favorites are Apples to Apples and Farkle. I highly recommend them!

    Check out our favorite dice game!

    • Join a sports league. I mentioned this one in my ‘Staying Fit‘ post, but it is also a good way to catch up with friends during the week. You can find leagues that are affordable if you search around.
    • Dallas friends: I just joined a 6 x 6 volley ball league at Bahama Beach Club, $43/person. Kyle plays in a softball league at McKinnish Park that breaks down to $30-40/person
    • Rotate dinner parties. Alternate making dinner for a few other friends, and ask them to bring a dessert or beverage for the group. Then switch up locations and who brings what next time.

    Out of the House

    • Sign up for Groupon. Groupon has worked wonders for us in the past. One of our favorite sushi places is frequently featured, so we make sure to grab that when it comes around. We’ve also gotten cheap movie tickets and outdoor activities like Top Golf.
    • Find a museum. You might have to be in the right mood for this one, but find a local museum that you haven’t been to yet.
    • Dallas friends: The new Perot Nature and Science Museum is awesome. You could easily spend an entire night there!
    • Just go to Happy Hour. We will do this with friends or for date nights. Do some research and find the good spots where you can watch a game or just chat about your day and get a cheap drink and some food.
    • Dallas friends: My favorite places is The Quarter Bar. Wednesday they have half price appetizers and Thursdays they have $2 domestic beer and well drinks until 10 PM.
    • Find local music. I love live music, even if it’s someone I haven’t heard of before. Be on the lookout for advertising for bands that don’t have cover charge.
    • Dallas friends: One of the funnest times I’ve had with live music was at the Capital Bar in Fort Worth. Cover was only $5. Big dance area with lots of patio seating!
    • Take a brewery tour. Tours are often cheap, and come with a free beer at the end.
    • Dallas friends: Deep Ellum Brewing Company gives tours every Thursday and Saturday. $10 gets you the tour, a glass, and a complementary beer.

    Can’t afford Date Night? Cheap Things to do Together

    • Redbox!  We have Redbox date nights all the time. We’ll spice it up from other nights by sitting on the couch together instead of sprawled out in separate pieces of living room furniture. Haha! Sometimes we’ll make popcorn too. A good date night for $3 or less!
    • Get outdoors. Whether we go for a walk in the neighborhood, on a new trail, or take Barkley to the dog park, it’s always relaxing and fun to spend some time together outdoors. No distractions (if you put your phone away!)
    • Netflix. Netflix subscription is cheap, and the easiest way to watch past seasons of shows you want to see together.
    • Cook dinner together. Find a new recipe, grab the ingredients from the store and head home and spend some time in the kitchen together. Goes really well with the next idea!
    • At Home Wine Tasting. Go to the store and pick out a few bottles of wine you haven’t had, and see which ones you like best!
    • Have a ‘Date Day’ and do brunch. Brunch is usually cheaper than dinner. Plus, you can find places with mimosa deals to start your Saturday at the pool off right! 🙂
    • Dallas friends:  Check out Taverna – delicious food and $1 mimosas.
    • On that note, just go out for dessert! Any night is made more special with some frozen yogurt, am I right?!
    • Play some video games. Battle it out and see who can win in Wii Bowling!

    That wraps up the Living On A Budget series! I hope my tips for staying fit, eating healthy, and having fun help you make friends with your wallet again!

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