Leg Day Workout

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It seems there hasn’t been a Move It Monday in a couple of weeks, and that’s just not going to fly! With illness and visitors, strength training hasn’t been the first thing on the to-do list, and I haven’t completed a leg day circuit in 3 weeks. (Eek!) In light of celebrating Move It Monday (although this is comin’ at ya a little bit later than usual) I have for you a great leg day workout.

Leg Day Workout

Legs are my least favorite thing to lift. I’d have no problem lifting upper body every day, but then I’d have bigger problems. Your legs are the largest muscle groups, so they burn lots of calories! My heart rate is always higher for leg day than lifting upper body.

Since leg day isn’t my best friend, I try to vary my exercises with different equipment to make the time pass a little bit easier. Besides, even a 25 minutes of lifting legs leads to a calorie blasting sweat sesh. That’s a workout length I can handle!

For today’s leg day, I did 10 minutes of a high resistance on elliptical as a warm up, which also works the legs. I did a quick stretch, and got to lifting. This consisted of 2 supersets and 2 single sets. In the workout I also listed the weight/type of equipment I used.

I had intended to add a couple machines to the list…but my hammies were dyin’ after my last superset. Since I hadn’t lifted heavy in a long time I didn’t want to overdo it and hurt myself, so I did something a little easier. My legs were still jello when I was done!

How will you Move It Monday? Do you like lifting legs?

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