Learning Healthy Habits: Part I

No one is perfect. I certainly am not. Even when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. There are certain habits that I could change. That’s what a lifestyle is, right? A bunch of habits that you practice, which form your daily routines. Of course, there will always be times I choose not to follow my norm, which for the most part are good habits.  I actually believe that having food splurges and fun times result in memories which are vital to healthy living. (Like the time I ate half of this cake. A memory totally crucial to healthy living. Haha!)
Anyhow, there are definitely some habits I have that could be improved upon. Here are a few I have been working on!

1. Attack of the Sweet Tooth

The Current Habit
I have a killer sweet tooth. Seriously ridiculous. I typically always want dessert. And even if I’m not hungry, I satisfy that lunatic of a sweet tooth. 
New Habit
If I am not actually hungry, I’ve tried to skip the dessert and have a mug of tea instead. If I am still hungry… I’ll go for that yogurt bowl with some fruit. Maybe a few chocolate chips. 
If it’s a birthday?
Eat the cake. Always, eat the cake.

2. Sit up straight, woman!

The Current Habit
Posture is something that, for me, needs constant attention. I often find myself slouching.
New Habit
I’ve adjusted my car seat so that it allows for better posture. Just pounding it in my head lately, I am paying much more attention to my posture. I am also working on this for my running form! There are lots of benefits to good posture, but I think that confidence is one of the most important. Does better posture make you feel more confident? I do. If anything, you will look more confident to others.
It was a really hard day
You don’t need good posture to lay on the couch and catch up on Game of Thrones.

3. Your dinner isn’t going anywhere.

The Current Habit
See food on plate. Inhale food on said plate. See empty plate. Refill plate. Repeat.
New Habit
Instead of inhaling dinner like I typically do, I’m really making an effort to eat more slowly. Either chewing more slowly or putting my fork down between bites. This way, I may be less tempted to get up for seconds if I realize that I am already full.
You’re at a buffet.
Don’t go to the buffet.
**I’m listing this post as ‘Part 1’, because I will likely check in with updates or new habits for changing!**
What are some habits that you can change to be healthier?

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