last birthday hurrah

Last night, all the guys did a poker night. That, of course, meant that girls got a night out on the town. My  birthday dinner last night with the girls was a TON of fun. We met at Max’s Wine Dive, which just opened in Uptown Dallas. 
Heather and I

GeeGee, Stephanie, and Corey
I’ve been to the Max’s Wine Dive in Austin twice, so I knew that the recently opened Uptown location would probably be just as good. We learned that although there are a few items on the menu that are common to all Max’s locations, each restaurant has their own head chef who creates their own menu. The menu also listed that the menu featured their Fall selections…I’m curious to see how it will change next time I visit! 
GeeGee ordered the table a dish of Max’s Mac ‘n Cheese. This we have all had before in Austin. It’s one of the best mac ‘n cheese’s you will ever have.
The menu lists it to have ‘cavatappi pasta in truffle cream with fresh mozzarella, white cheddar, Gruyère and Parmigiano-Reggiano.’
There were several dishes that looked amazing, and I ended up settling on the fried egg sandwich, which was recommended by the waitress. (I apologize that these pictures are a little dark…should have maybe turned the flash on.)
It was three eggs on toasted sourdough bread with applewood-smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, Gruyère cheese, served with Max’s homemade chips. Just look at the size of that sandwich. 
I finished half of it. It was super good. A little bit messy, but totally worth it. Really the only reason I didn’t finished it was because I knew this was coming….
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped in all of my favorite chocolaty candy bars. A chocolate lovers dream. When the waitress carried it out to the table, everyone was staring in awe, wondering where in the world you get such an amazing cake. (Not kidding. A few people asked us.) A woman that GeeGee works with does cakes on the side. I believe this cake was purchased as part of a charity fundraiser. It was most definitely a hit! After eating some cake, I opened presents that the girls got me. (Picture taken this morning…)
A pair of Vince Camuto flats, and super soft infinity scarf, and a sparkly necklace. I was so surprised, and was not expecting all of this. I really, truly have the greatest friends ever. 🙂
After dinner, we went to a second location in Uptown. Tate’s is a mixology type bar. They have tons of yummy specialty drinks. I had a strawberry mojito.
It was such a dainty glass to drink out of. While it was very tasty, I usually can’t drink sweet drinks all night long, so at the next two location I switched to my typical vodka water with a lemon and a lime. Sfuzzi was our third location. 
The group outside of Sfuzzi
After Sfuzzi, we headed to The Den for some dancing before calling it a night. I had a very fabulous time!
Stephanie and I at The Den
Last night was a total success. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sleep in like I really, really, hoped I could. Instead, I woke up to this whiny little guy. 
We still have the cone on him because he won’t leave one of his front paws alone. Although, we found out that he’s learned to cheat the system by running his head into the wall to push the cone back, thus giving him the ability to lick said front paw. He also managed to get the cone off one day when I was at school, hence the reason it is all chewed up. This dog is crazy.
Yes, Barkley, I know you need attention immediately.
As for the workout I promised you today, it is definitely happening. I have already drowned you all in Instagram overload, so I’ll hold off on more until later today. Apparently calories do count during your birthday week…who knew? 🙂 
What’s your favorite way to spend girls night? 

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