Kyle’s first half

This morning we woke up bright and early to head off to Fort Worth for Kyle’s first half marathon. He ran is as part of training for his full in 4 weeks. The race started at 8:30 AM, and we arrived around 6:45 to go grab his race packet. We hitched a ride with our friend Tim, who was also running.
It was about 70 degrees around race start time, and fairly windy. Without the wind, it would have been great running weather in my opinion. Maybe a little warm for a half marathon…but I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t run one yet. 🙂
They decided to start the race about 10 minutes ahead of schedule due to the stormy forecast. I’m not sure how much of a difference 10 minutes would have made, and I’m not sure that everyone was ready at the start. But Kyle and Tim were right up front as the race started.
It didn’t take more than 4-5 minutes for all of the half marathoners to get past the start line. I was surprised at how many people had dogs with them. I can only imagine the rough time Barkley would give me trying to small all the peoples butt’s that ran past us….
The race was set up in a sort of loop, so that they ran 6.55 miles in one direction and turned around to run the same path back. After wandering around for about an hour (it still hadn’t rained yet) I headed back to the start line to wait for the first runners to come in. The first place runner was a man from Spain who finished at about 1:23. He and the second place runner both said that there was no signage telling them when to turn around, and they both ran to mile 7 before reversing their loop for the second half of the race. I later talked to Kyle, and he said there was an 8 x 11 inch piece of paper standing on the ground marking the ‘turnaround point,’ and that if you were running in any sort of a crowd or looking straight ahead, you never would have seen. He also said that their mileage markers in general were pretty terrible. Hopefully the first place guys weren’t running for a specific time, since they ended up running almost a mile extra. Pretty bad planning on behalf of the marathon if you ask me. 🙁
Anyhow, Kyle finished way sooner than I expected. He was shooting to finish the half in 2:00, but came in around 1:43! I always tell him I’m so jealous of his natural athleticism…. this pretty much re-enforces that, haha. He did an awesome job, I’m so proud!
After the race, the boys grabbed a victory beer and we scooted off to the car before the rain finally came pouring down. Lucky for them, they only had to battle massive amounts of wind and didn’t have the rain to deal with.
We made a pitstop in Uptown before heading home to grab some lunch. We ate at State & Allen, since they had brunch and lunch options. I went with the eggwich, which was two eggs over medium with ham, fried onion, and picante cheese sauce on a croissant served with potatoes on the side.
The rest of the afternoon will be spent lounging on the couch (with full bellies) watching football. Most likely a nap will show up soon. It should make for the perfect Sunday afternoon!
One last thing…. Cheer for the Texans today. I need the Bears to lose!
How are you spending your Sunday?

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