killer on the arms

Yesterday was a relaxing afternoon at the pool, and then I cooked us up some delicious turkey burgers. I used a pound of ground turkey meat that said it was Italian seasoned. I had originally intended to make meatballs with it, but we weren’t feeling spaghetti last night.

I had sides of cottage cheese and roasted potatoes and broccoli. After dinner, we headed out in Uptown for some good times and a few adult beverages.
Those pictures were taken at Katy Trail Ice House. We were there or a couple of hours playing three man…one of our favorite games but a little bit dangerous too. Once you read the rules, you might understand. 🙂 After a mini bar-hopping session, we came back to Kyle’s and playing a little Wii Bowling. My skills at Wii Bowling are extremely superior compared to real life. Haha!


Breakfast sandwiches were hitting the spot this morning. I made one with a fried egg, spinach, turkey bacon, and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin.


Since yesterday turned into an off day for working out, I put together a quick circuit workout using bit timer to get us moving. This one sure did make us sweat! Pretty killer on the arms, too.
I originally intended to do the  mountain climbers the standard way (see below) but we quickly realized after a round of triceps dips and planks that our arms might fall off afterwards. (They still feel a bit like jello) So, we did them standing instead.
standard (source)
standing (source)

After the circuit workout, we did one round of my Booty Work circuit, and then called it a day! 
This afternoon, we plan to hit the pool. You know, typical Saturday for us. 🙂 

What plans do you have for the weekend?
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