Kick Start Your Leg Day!

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Another week, another leg day! That’s right! I didn’t skip this week. In fact… I just might make it three weeks in a row. Gotta keep this train rollin’! It’s been too long since I’ve been in a good strength training groove, and I think I’m finally back in it.

If you have seen any of my workouts before, you know I do a lot of supersets. It’s much more intense than doing solo moves, and gets you a bigger calorie burn. Here is a leg workout with some supersets to kick start your next leg day!

Kick Start Your Leg Day

For this particular workout, I used the following weights for each round:

  1. 15 pound dumbbells, one 15 pound dumbbell
  2. 65 pound barbell
  3. 200 pounds machine, no weight
  4. 25 pound dumbbells
  5. no weight

Familiar with the moves? If not, here’s some instructions!
Stationary lunges
Plie squats
Single leg press
Air squats
Calf raises
Hip extensions
Fire hydrants

What is your workout today?

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