Katy Trail 5K 2012 recap

Yesterday was the Friends on Katy Trail 5K, which is an annual 5K hosted in Uptown Dallas. This was my first time participating in the Katy Trail 5K, and also my first 5K ever! I was excited, but still a little nervous as race time approached. I made sure to get home a little early to change, and have a snack to fuel up.
ready to go from head to toe! haha

After gathering all my stuff, I headed to Uptown to meet a group of friends who were also running the race. We met about an hour and a half before the race started so we had plenty of time to walk over, stretch, and line up. And, take some pictures, of course!

Kacie and I pre-race. It appears like my eye brows are gone.
girls group shot 1

girls group shot 2
We hung around and chatted while we stretched. It ended up being kind of nice weather to run. I was scared it would be too hot and sunny, but it cooled down to around 75 degrees and was kind of overcast, so I figured I wouldn’t overheat on my run. About 6:45 PM, people started to line up, and our gang walked over in the huge crowd of people.
Waiting in the crowd, we took one final group shot with the boys. 
They’re the ones with the big feet and hairy legs. 
And at 7:00 PM, the race officially began! I turned on my music, and once I was closer to the start line, I turned on Endomondo. I realized a couple things right away. One, that the arm band I bought for running may not have been the best choice. It didn’t have a clear screen, so I couldn’t use it while it was on my arm. The band was comfortable because it was completely elastic dry fit material, but I had to start my music and Endomondo before I crossed the start line, or I’d be fiddling around putting my phone back in when I should be focused on running. The second was that in lieu of the arm band issue and the ginormous crowd of people, the first song on my playlist shouldn’t be one that I planned to run to for a while. It was over before I got to start…but that’s okay. (By the way…my playlist ended up shuffling, so I definitely heard ‘Call Me Maybe‘ twice as I ran. Oops?)
Once I started, I took off, focusing on my own running. The first mile went pretty well, considering I realized I should have brought a water bottle down with me when we were waiting for the race to start. I was parched from the get-go. It was also a little difficult trying to maneuver around some of the people at first. Right after the first mile, was about a .3-.4 mile long incline. I heard there was a hill, but I had no idea it was that long. I wish I could have taken my phone out for a picture, because the crowd up people up that hill was packed. Luckily, not long after the hill was a water station where I grabbed a cup on the run. Most of it dripped on my chin I’m pretty sure, but it helped.
Since I started my Endomondo a little early, it signaled my mileage a little bit before I hit the marker on the trail. that was still okay, because it still gave me my pace for each mile. Mile 3 was really rough for me. I realized why it was so rough after hearing my Endomondo chime off my split time for the third mile.
That last mile was under 9 minutes?? Holy crap. No wonder my side ached. I’m pretty sure my form was suffering a little, despite any efforts I made. When I crossed the finish line, I booked it straight to the water table. I was breathing pretty hard, but overall, I didn’t feel too bad! (In hindsight, at least.) 
sweaty aftermath

Looking at my Endomondo time for 3 miles, I was so happy so see that it was under 30 minutes. I knew that I had started it before my chip registered on the start line, so I was super anxious to see what my race time was. And I was ecstatic when I saw it!
I knew the gun time was somewhere in the 32 minute range, but I didn’t see the gun time when I actually started. My official chip time was 28:50! So so much better than I anticipated running it. I guess the race setting really pushed me to run my hardest, and I definitely made my goal of running the entire race.
Katy Trail 5K was a success! Everyone starts somewhere, and finishing this race was a huge hurdle for me. Surprising myself with a time better than I anticipated has given me some courage and motivation to keep running races, and it is definitely going to motivate me to keep running. Running that race, or running in general, is something that as less as 5 months ago I would have told you I couldn’t do. But I did, and I’m going to do it again!


We all met up after the race, and headed down to the festivities waiting for all the Katy Trail 5K participants.
They had  tents with free food from a ton of local restaurants. Here’s a small review of some of the things I ate! Some of them didn’t get a picture because they were gone too quickly.
They also had live music, which was pretty awesome.
We hung around for about an hour, had a couple beers, some good bites, and headed on home. I don’t know why I haven’t done something like this before…it was so much fun. The Katy Trail 5K is definitely on my list for next year!
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