The Journey from Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress

I made it! So far… pretty good.

The Blogger To WordPress Transfer Kit

I hadn’t planned on making the switch for quite some time, mostly because I thought it would be expensive. But then I found a Blogger to WordPress Transfer Kit from Blogelina, which included a free year of web-hosting at GoDaddy. And, it was on sale for only $5! I figured it was worth a shot.

Using this kit, the transfer itself was pretty easy. My only issue was getting my domain switched over. I didn’t realize that with Blogelina’s instructions, it would take 48 hours or so to reroute the domain. So once it didn’t happen immediately, I figured I did something wrong and did a transfer through GoDaddy instead. It cost $8.17, but gave me an additional year on my domain, so it evened out. That transfer process then took 7 days. Then somehow the nameservers weren’t aligned with my WordPress application, so that took another day to go through. All the downtime is why it took me so long to get the new site up and running from the day I announced I was doing it. 🙂 Patience is a virtue I have yet to master, I suppose.

Once my domain was switched to GoDaddy, I was able to use the transfer kit instructions to reroute my domain back to blogger until I got my WordPress site up and running with all my old content. The only thing that hurt me in the process was losing my e-mail with Google. I do have my ‘’ e-mail going through GoDaddy, but the storage on it is teeny tiny so I can’t get any e-mails with documents attached. I’d have to pay monthly for more storage, which isn’t something I’m really looking to do.

I’m needing to go back through some of my old recipes and popular posts to reformat them. I think Blogger jumbles a lot of the HTML coding per posts (or at least, that’s what it looks like) because re-editing the HTML in WordPress is a mess. I apologize for any posts to might see who up on your RSS feed because of revisions (it seems like that may be happening.)

So far, what do I think about WordPress? It’s fairly easy to use. I’m not sure how I feel about the available themes, though. Compared to Blogger, there are a lot more themes to choose from. But, Blogger gives you a lot more customization options for each theme they have. It was also a lot easier to hack in and change the styling of the theme in Blogger. I lost a lot of changes I was trying to do in my WordPress themes and had to start from scratch because it didn’t give me a ‘cancel’ option when I made changes. Eventually I’d love to be able to code my own theme. That’s a project for several rainy days.

So, we will end this Blog Tip Friday not with tips from me to you, but (I’m hoping) with tips from you to me! I was on Blogger for 1.5 years and knew the platform inside and out. It scares me a little bit not knowing what or how I’m doing over here.

So, what advice can you give me about getting used to WordPress? What are you favorite plug-ins to use? Do you see any features on the blog I might be missing that were available at my Blogger platform?

Thanks for your help!

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