3 Simple Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

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Twitter is the social media platform I use most for sharing content. I personally don’t use Facebook too much because no one seems to really see anything I post without having to pay fo rit (Thanks, Mark). Of course I pin just about everything I can, but some posts aren’t targeted toward Pinterest (aka no pinnable graphics or its a heartfelt post you really just want people to read). There are a few things you can do to easily get your content out in Twitterverse.

Read on for 3 plug-ins to optimize your blog to increase Twitter engagement!

3 simple ways to increase twitter engagement

Unfortunately, I don’t know that all of these plug-ins and widgets are available for Blogger yet. However, if you use WordPress, you’ll be able to install them all.

1. Use a social sharing plug-in like Shareaholic (if you can) to automatically add your Twitter handle into the tweet it generates.

I don’t know if they have developed a feature for Blogger than can do this yet – but you can on WordPress. In the settings, you’ll be able to enter your Twitter handle, and when someone goes to tweet your content, it will automatically pull your handle and you’ll be tagged in the tweet.

You can see mine below!

2. Use a plug-in like Click to Tweet by CoSchedule.

This is a great plug-in that generates a box like the one right below! When the user clicks the box, your twitter handle and link to the post are automatically generated. You can find out more about how to install this plug-in here.

[Tweet “3 Simple Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement #blogtips”]

3. Use Tweetily to share older content.

This is a great app for sharing old content. You can customize how often it will share, and how old of posts it will share. You can also give it a customized intro to the tweet. You can see an example of one of my tweets below.

One thing you should definitely take advantage of in attracting new readers is your old content. You have posted great stuff before – people want to read it! This is a good way to help make sure that happens.

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