incline treadmill workout

Driving home from a visit with some friend’s last night, all we really talked about was what to make for dinner, because I was starving. We needed something substantial, so salad was ruled out. I then remembered the turkey sausage we had in the fridge, and how I was craving shrimp yesterday. (Weird, because 6 months ago I probably would have told you that I don’t like shrimp.). So I suggested a pasta combo with the two proteins. Kyle had some ideas formulating so I let him take the reins on this one. And I’m glad I did. 

Dinner.was.amazing. We called it egg noodle jambalaya. It had a spicy meat marinade with a wine garlic sauce on the noodles. Just fab. I definitely filled up my bowl with seconds!
After finishing a glass of wine with dinner and getting puppy some much needed pampering since we had a fun weekend outside, we settled down to some DVR. When we ran out of that, a little Anchorman played in the background as we drifted off to sleep. Pretty great Sunday.
I don’t know whether it was last night’s carbilicious dinner, or the cup of coffee I had right when I woke up, but at the gym this morning I was ready to go. I kicked off Monday morning with an incline treadmill workout with a speed burst.
I don’t remember the last time I ran at a speed of 8 on a treadmill…especially since I’ve only recently brought running back in to my workout routine. I made a mental note to bring a towel with me to the gym next time. After completing my cardio workout, I spent another 30 minutes stretching and doing some strength exercises and headed back home.
I whipped up a turkey bacon and veggie scramble with salsa this morning, and poured myself another cup of coffee.
I don’t know if you notice a trend in my choice of dishware. Apparently, I love eating out of a bowl. I’d probably eat everything out of a bowl if I could. It’s just so much better than a plate. Anyone else feel that way?
Time for me to go figure out what I’m going to be doing on campus today. I’ve probably got lots I need to check off of my list. Hope you have a great morning!
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