Ideas For Cookin’ On The Grill

So, this is really kind weird. But I didn’t drink any wine this week. So I don’t really have a Wine of the Week for you today! I’ll make sure that I’ve got something good next Friday.
I do, however, have some ideas for any of you having a cook out this weekend! We are having my sisters over tonight for some pork tenderloin and chicken on the grill. We’ll have a couple of good side dishes too. I’m going to experiment with a creamy garlic shrimp pasta salad this afternoon…I’m a bit excited about it!
Try out one of these delicious recipes!
Want to try Kabob Roll-ups?

Need some ideas for sides?

Carrot Fries are always a hit!
And you can never go wrong with guacamole!
Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!
Do you often cook on the grill?

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