I Conducted A Metabolism Experiment…

I Conducted A Metabolism Experiment…

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….by wearing my Polar HR Monitor for 24 hours straight. On a rest day. 

I wanted to do this after opening up on my thoughts about the dangers of low calorie diets.

In my opinion, it can be confusing to know just how many calories one should eat to maintain weight. Even though I eat when I am hungry and (try to) follow what my body craves, I still from time to time have a nagging suspicion I am eating too much.

Boy, did I prove myself wrong. I burned way more calories than I really thought I would, especially for a rest day.

In 24 hours (and one second) I burned 2191 calories.

May day looked something like this:

7:00 AM Wake up and put on heart rate monitor
7:05 AM Lay back in bed because it’s 7 AM on a Saturday and not even the dog is awake.
8:00 AM Dog wants to go outside.
8:15 AM Dog is out of food, so off to the grocery.
8:50 AM Feed dog, make breakfast, do some blog reading
9:30 AM Random kitchen chores
10:00 AM Trip to the mall
12:00 PM Head back home for lunch
1:00 PM Chores, cleaning house
2:00 PM Watch football with several food/bathroom breaks causing me to leave the couch

10:30 PM Go to bed
7:00 AM Wake up almost as if on cue without alarm to turn off Polar!

So that’s kind of from memory, but pretty much it! It felt like a very average day. Although I didn’t workout, I did do some chores and walking around in the mall. Chores are something I do daily, and the walking in the mall could easily be subbed for walking Barkley.
I burned 600 calories just sleeping.

No wonder I’m so hungry on the days I workout!

I hope this was not only proof to myself, but can help give some insight to others afraid of following the 2000 calorie a day estimate that is posted on nutrition labels.

**Just a note to anyone who would also like to attempt this… this ‘experiment’ severely drained my polar battery!! The next day it was low battery, after using it for 1.5 years. This is an experiment I’d like to repeat a few times to determine reproducibility!

Disclaimer: This is my own personal experience with nutrition, and should not be taken as advice for daily calorie intake.

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