5 Ways to Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

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Today’s post is a re-post from one of the very first guest posts on the blog, written by Jamie King, co-founder of Fit Approach!

How to Get Out of a Fitness Rut

When new students join my SweatPink bootcamp classes, one of the most common reasons for joining is that they are in a workout rut. Many of them say things like, “I’ve been running but I haven’t lost any weight,” or “I have been doing this class at the gym every day but I still don’t see results,” or “what can I do to get a little faster?”

They’re either dissatisfied with their results or totally bored with what they’ve been doing day in and day out.

The funny thing is that many people know that using the same weight and performing the same exercises in the weight room day after day and year after year would just cause their muscles to plateau. The muscles would become so efficient at doing that specific exercise at the specific weight that it would no longer be a challenge and would no longer continue to build strength. It makes sense to increase reps and weights and challenge yourself in the gym…but what about outside of the gym?

While this may seem obvious when talking about the weight room, it is not always so when talking about other activities.  Take running, for example.  How many runners do you know who only run?  Cyclists who only cycle?  Yogis who only yoga?  I know quite a few.

And while I think its great to find something, anything, that gets you off the couch and makes you move, it’s not ideal to limit yourself to one kind of activity.  Just like our weight room example, if you do the same exercise, sport or activity day in and day out, ultimately your body will plateau and the results might not be as great.  Not to mention, you’ll probably end up getting bored!

If you need a little workout boost, here are five great ways on how to get out of a fitness rut:


There are so many fun ways to stay fit and while the best way to really increase your fitness would be to change it up every now and again, you can also change up the way you’re doing your preferred activity.  Let’s take running, for example.  If you normally go out for 3-5 mile runs, try going further.  If you’re normally running on flat pavement or even a treadmill, get out and do a trail run or train on some stairs.  Anything you can do to change up your workout from time to time will really help maximize results!

How to Get Out of Your Fitness Rut


While you may be more comfortable going at your own pace, challenge yourself and kick it up a notch! Whether its by increasing your cadence on your bike, climbing up the highest hill you can find, or even lifting a little heavier – varying intensity in your workouts is the key to getting and seeing results.

Get Out of Your Fitness Rut


Make fitness – in whatever form you like it – a simple part of your life.   Stop looking at it like a chore and think of it as time for yourself.  Put it on the calendar – and make it an appointment that you can’t miss.  Or better yet, try scheduling fitness dates with friends.  It will not only help you establish routine but will also help you push yourself farther.

Get Out of Your Fitness Rut


The most difficult part about a workout is getting started – hold yourself accountable whether by announcing to the world via Facebook and Twitter that you’re going for a run or to yoga class, or simply by meeting a friend. One way or another, make fitness something that you just can’t miss out on.

Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

Try Something New

There is nothing more inspiring, challenging or invigorating than escaping from your comfort zone and trying something new.  Take that new pilates class you’ve been meaning to try, or strap your goggles on and get in the pool to swim a few laps. Doing something different will not only stimulate your body but also your mind.

How often do you try something new in the gym? Or fitness-related out of the gym?

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