House Projects – Living Room Progress

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You guys have barely seen any of our house yet. I apologize. It’s just finally becoming an area I can mentally feel relaxed in.

I’m the kind of person who wants to have everything done NOW. This whole owning a house thing has been really hard on my patience. Fixing things takes time, and painting takes time. Lots of time. Too much for my liking, in fact. But I suppose I’ll have to deal with getting my patience in order if I want the house to look the way we want!

We bought our house knowing that we were going to put a lot of work to transform it into more of a modern looking home. Lots of paint, decorating, a little demolition, and saving up for eventual remodeling of the bathroom and kitchen. We loved the space and location of the house, and knew it had great potential for what we wanted with a little TLC.

Here are some progress updates of our work on our living room!

These are some pictures of what the living room looked like initially.

living room

The above picture is what you’d see to the right after walking in the front door. The picture below is to the left.

living room 2

So, about updating…Things we loved about the living room: the height of the ceiling and exposed beams, huge fire place, the stone (sort of… we both prefer painted stone), and the double ceiling fans.

I think the archways are awesome, but we both prefer a more open floor plan. Their existence is TBD at this point. Some demolition may happen in the future if we decide to take them out. The arches to the left in the ‘left view’ living room picture lead to the dining room, and those are the ones we’d be more interested in removing. I’m partial to the arch leading to the kitchen, so we’ll see what happens with that one! The two ceiling fans in the living room are great for air movement, but we’re not huge fans of the chandelier. We’d like to opt for a more modern looking fixture, although if you are a fan of the one we have, we found out they currently sell it at Home Depot!

Our first step in the living room transformation was painting. A LOT of painting! We both preferred white, to help brighten up the space. Unfortunately, our living room has the least natural light in the house due to its location. Natural light is pretty good in other areas of our home, however! We eventually then settled on a accentuating the wood panels a bit with doing white trim and light grey paneling.

photo 1

First up on the wood panels was to prime them…for days on end. Well maybe only two days, I exaggerate a bit. I used to think I loved painting. That was before I attempted to paint an entire house all at once.

photo 2

photo 3 4

We ended up with two coats of primer on all of the wood paneled surfaces before we started painting. We used a water-based general Kilz primer. We bought a 5 gallon bucket of the stuff and joked that we likely had too much. Jokes on us – after getting two wood paneled rooms primed, the primer is over half gone with lots of wood left to go!

After the primer, we started with painting the grey panels and working on white trim around them.

photo 1 2

photo 2 2

I thought that painting this was gonna be a piece of cake. I was definitely wrong! It took a lot of time to paint the trim. We ended up getting the best results by taping the inside of the panels to paint the trim, and peel the tape off while the paint was still wet. There were still a lot of touch ups I did by hand. Although it was a pretty lengthy process, the outcome looks great!

photo 4 2

We then started on painting the fire place. I know a few people who might be sad to see that stone go, but we are both preferential to painted stone!

photo 3 2

We are undecided how to paint the entire thing. The center will be the same white as the trim. We are deciding whether to leave the brick unpainted, paint it white, or paint it a different shade of grey. We’ll be able to make a decision once the stone is finished and the rest of the living room is decorated!

It won’t be too longer (I hope) before I have completed, finished product photos for you. I’m piecing together decor right now, and the fireplace is on its way to being finished! Right now I’m loving how its turned out. Stay tuned!!

Do you have wood paneling or exposed brick/stone in your house? Do you love it? Did you paint it?

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