At-Home Weekly Workouts #2

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Last week’s workouts were a little less intense than the week before.

Well, some of the workouts were intense, I just did fewer intense workouts. Our
‘workouts’ on Saturday and Sunday ended up being yard work. Lots of lifting and rearranging rocks and hauling bags of leaves and weeds. I originally had a workout planned for Wednesday night, but I didn’t end up doing it. I had left for work at 6 AM, and didn’t get home until 8 PM. Kyle had softball that night, so Barkley was alone for a looong time and I opted to take him out for a nice long walk/jog instead of an indoor workout.

In any case, we’re really liking these shorter, intense at-home workouts! My legs have been super sore, and my back was sore at the end of the week from push ups and lifting. It was a great feeling! 🙂

Here is Week 2 of our at-home workouts!

at-home weekly workouts 2

Honestly, the hardest workout last week for me was the 2 mile run. I did great on my one mile run last week, but it had been a LONG time since I ran TWO consecutive miles. It wasn’t a particularly cool morning either. I think I finished the two miles just under 20 minutes, which isn’t terrible by any means. I sure felt terrible after running, though. Hopefully its a little easier the next time I tackle it!

Have you been running lately? Indoor or outdoor?

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