At-Home Weekly Workouts 1

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After a couple months of being outrageously busy, Kyle and I have re-dedicated ourselves to working out on the regular. Last week was the first week in a while that I successfully worked out EVERY day of the week. I felt pretty good about myself – and also very, very sore! I was a little surprised how sore I felt even after running on Sunday.

We’ve been following this website, which has 6 weekly plans for cross-fit style at-home workouts. We’ve added a lot more running into our own routine than is planned with these at-home workouts. I also did some modifications from last week to fit in with my allotted time to workout, and what I was able to complete.

All of this can be done with a simple at-home gym, or just by body weight alone.

at-home workouts

This morning, I did some balance exercises I found from Katrina Elle, and 150 core exercises. Kyle and I plan to get a workout in tonight!

We’re also going to set a goal for how often we want to run during the week. Stay tuned next Monday for another weekly plan of workouts!

Do you workout at home or do you use a gym membership? What gym do you use?

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