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So you’re making the lifestyle change. You want to live healthy. Want to you know if you’re doing it right? How many of these healthy living ‘problems’ have shown up since you started?

  • You look like you’re packing for vacation each time you to go work as you walk in with your purse, laptop bag, and beach bag full of Tupperware and water bottles.
  • Laundry is a constant battle. That’s because you wear at least 3 outfits a day: gym clothes, work clothes, and post-work clothes (either lounge clothes or something presentable if you have plans).
  • You drink way too much, especially at breakfast. There’s always three glasses at your spot at the table: coffee, water, and a green smoothie.
  • Speaking of drinking too much, you pee alot.
  • Speaking of peeing a lot, you go through toilet paper like you’re playing pranks on someone.
  • Waking up for a 5 AM workout freaking sucks.
  • Your co-workers generally can’t see you behind your wall of empty Tupperware.
  • One of your arms is stronger than the other from walking your super rambunctious dog for miles every day.
  • You can’t fit beer in your fridge because of all the veggies. (A bottle of wine fits perfectly though.)
  • It’s a tough choice between budgeting for workout clothes or specialty food items like coconut flour, quinoa, or cage free meat.
  • The only reason you live Paleo is because it promotes consumption of bacon. Problem or no?
  • You pay to run in your city when you could also be doing it for free.
  • The 30 minute cardio limit at the gym is only good for the people waiting in line.
  • Blisters and calluses.
  • Why is almond butter 4 times as expensive as peanut butter? I don’t understand!!!
  • Your DVD player is seeing more of Chalene Johnson and Shaun T than Harry Potter. That’s a problem that needs fixed. Now.
  • You take more pictures of your food and workouts than your loved ones.
  • You can’t handle Mondays after Sunday Funday anymore. I know this from experience.

Disclaimer: After reading this post, you should know to never take me seriously. Unless I’m throwing a fit because someone ate the last avocado…then you need to watch out.

What are your #healthylivingproblems?

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