Being Healthy Is Not Skin Deep

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When we were back in Indiana last week, we were chatting with Kyle’s family. I can’t remember now how we got on the topic – but his aunt, who is a paramedic, mentioned how more and more young people seem to be coming in with heart attacks. Young, as in late 30 and early 40s, I believe.

I remember saying after hearing that, ‘That just goes to show how important it is to eat and be healthy.’

Now, I don’t have any great statistics or scientific evidence for you on any of this. I do know that heart attacks can be caused by artery blockages, and that coronary heart disease can be caused by high cholesterol, diabetes, and lack of exercise among others. I also know that not all health concerns like this can be prevented in any case. Nonetheless, it got me thinking. So much of what is advertised about health is basically for sex appeal. Carla just wrote a really great post nailing it on the head with her stance on FITSPO. I agree with this 100%.

And I don’t know that it’s something everyone thinks about.

Being healthy is not skin deep.

It is not just to fit in to your size 4 jeans. Or to look good in a bathing suit. Or because you want your arms to look good in your wedding dress (guilty). These are the SIDE EFFECTS of being healthy.

The real reason to be healthy? So you can enjoy life! And enjoy life LONGER.

It is more important than ever to be healthy starting today. To eat healthy as well as you can. (Not to say that living in moderation is not healthy, because I truly believe it is.) To get good sleep at night. To do a workout you enjoy. To not be stressed out. These are all components of your health and well being.

I can’t imagine if I get older and I’m told that I have a disease or condition that could have been prevented by practicing healthy living habits. It’s SCARY. Don’t you think? Knowing that your life could be cut short because you weren’t taking care of yourself?

I eat healthy so I can live longer. I exercise so I can hope to see my great grandchildren grow up. I sleep – well, because I’m tired by 9:30 PM. But also because if I don’t, I get stressed out and worn down and sick. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re sick!

Life is a blessing, and lord willing, you will have a long, happy, fulfilling one. Make sure you’re taking care of it!

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