Healthy Grocery Haul

Healthy Grocery Haul

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Every once in a while I like to show you all what I pick up at the grocery. The typical healthy grocery haul is mostly produce, then proteins, and a mix of dairy, random items, and some ‘splurges.’ (Yep, splurges are part of my healthy lifestyle too.)

healthy grocery haul

Kroger is my new favorite place to grocery shop. I used to only go to Walmart, but I don’t like the Walmart closest to me now. Plus, the produce is always MUCH better at Kroger, and I don’t seem to spend too much more than I would at Walmart anyhow. This isn’t the case at all groceries, but it’s really where you prefer to shop and how much you can afford to spend!

For produce, we buy mostly vegetables. The only fruit I buy every time I shop is bananas. And avocados. (I forget they are a fruit sometimes.) Depending on what is on sale, I’ll buy something else. Grapes (for smoothies), apples and cantaloupe are pretty common ones.

Here’s the list from this trip! I don’t remember the price of everything (accidentally threw away my receipt), but I have some of the sale prices noted. Usually I’ll buy more protein, but we already had a pack of chicken breasts at home.

Red peppers (on sale $0.99 each)
Yellow peppers (on sale $0.99 each)
Green peppers
Sweet potatoes
Mini sweet peppers
Baby carrots
Iceberg lettuce
Red onions
Peaches (on sale $0.99/lb)
Blueberries (on sale 2 pints for $4)
Large avocados (4 for $5)

1 pound ground turkey
2 dozen eggs

Large container Daisy cottage cheese (I buy Daisy for a reason)
1 pound mild cheddar cheese
1 pound pepper jack cheese
1 package shredded mozzarella
(I’m from Wisconsin, don’t judge.)

Jar of minced garlic ($6.99, won’t need to buy this one very often)

Splurge Items
Bag of organic blue corn tortilla chips
1 can creamy wild rice chicken soup

Grand total: $58.33

On Tuesday night, I did another mid-week food prep that looked exactly the same as last week. Time to get back on track with home cooked meals after nearly two weeks of vacationing!

What produce do you always buy at the store?

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