Healthy Cooking Substitutions

Healthy Cooking Substitutions

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Make these easy and healthy cooking substitutions for lighter and more nutritious meals |

Believe it or not… I just finally got all the official paperwork and copies of my dissertation turned in for my degree. Getting your PhD is a process even after you defend! Now that I’m done busting my butt over thesis, all I have left to do is attend my graduation ceremony and get that diploma! 🙂

I can give you guys a better life update later, for today I’m going to talk getting healthy in the kitchen.

Kyle made a comment the other day that it had been a while since he whipped up dinner in the kitchen because ‘Slim Sanity had taken over.’ While I happily let him make me dinner (he’s a great cook!), I thought I’d sit down and write out how ‘Slim Sanity’ cooking might be different than traditional cooking.

That difference is in making healthy cooking substitutions! Here is a list of cooking and baking substitutions you might find helpful.

  • Use non-fat Greek yogurt in everything. I’m sort of not even kidding here. You can use Greek yogurt for so many substitutions while cooking! It’s fat free and full of protein. For example:
  • Applesauce is a great choice for sweetener and oils too. I made these amazing cranberry muffins with crockpot applesauce
  • Whole wheat flour! You can substitute all or half of the flour required for whole wheat. I do this most often in baking and pizza crust. Lindsay has some really great whole wheat recipes, like making your own whole wheat flatbread!
  • Use natural peanut butter in place of regular. Or make your own peanut butter instead of store bought – this reduces so much added sugar and salt.
  • Avoid cooking with heavily processed oils. Roast vegetables and saute using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Read more here to find out which fats are good for you, and which ones you should avoid.
  • Brown rice or quinoa instead of pasta. We do eat our share of pasta, but cook with brown rice or quinoa often.
  • Pureed cauliflower for mashed potatoes.
  • Use panko instead of breadcrumbs. Panko is cleaner than a lot of breadcrumbs. I’ll use panko in meatloaf and burgers too. I’ve bought this brand before and liked it.
  • Two egg whites instead of one whole egg. Yes, the egg yolk has lots of vitmains. But if you’re watching fat or calories, it’s a good substitution. And twice the protiein!
  • Use an olive oil spray for cooking in a skillet opposed to dumping in oil from the jar.
  • Spaghetti squash or vegetable noodles in place of pasta. I use spaghetti squash occasionally, and I love to make zucchini noodles!
  • Make your own salad dressings, or use avocado instead. Avocado is usually my salad dressing, but I will make my own from time to time!
  • Garlic or garlic powder for garlic salt. This has been a hard one for me since I am usually salt heavy. But it’s helped watch my sodium intake, and help me realize I really don’t need all that salt for my food to taste good.
  • Use almond milk. In soups, smoothies, and cereal. It’s delicious! Buy the unsweetened kind, I buy the Silk PureAlmond Milk.

What healthy cooking substitutions do you like to make in your recipes?

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