Health, Fitness & Fun in Dallas THIS Saturday

Health, Fitness & Fun in Dallas THIS Saturday

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Hello friends! Just want to shoot you a quick note about a fun event in downtown Dallas this Saturday, June 21.


POPSUGAR is hosting an event called Passport to Healthier Skin – City Edition. It’s a come and go type event from 12 PM to 4 PM in Pegasus Plaza (1500 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201) that will teach you how living in the city can affect your skin. A range of beauty products by Simple Skincare will be featured, telling you how their products can help combat negative effects from city living on your skin. They will also be handing out free samples.

There will also be food, yoga classes, and massage chairs at the event. Sounds pretty great to me! 150 guests will also have a chance to win a POPSUGAR Must Have box. Sounds pretty great to me!


For more information, visit the POPSUGAR event page.

Hope to see you there!

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